About Me

Currently, I am working as a freelance product and marketing consultant, focusing on crowdsourcing and gamification applications.

Previously, I worked at a Servio as a Director of Program Management. For close to three years I helped manage, prioritize and design the product and service offerings for both Servio and its labor platform CloudCrowd.

I remain passionate about crowdsourcing and its future impacts on labor and social interactions. My current side project pursuit is the creation of a crowdsourced innovation and consensus building environment.

In addition to these projects, I manage to find the time to run a Magic: the Gathering company called Power 9 Pro.

I like to keep busy because I find I will do more when I have less time to procrastinate—almost like a game, I’m using my own tendencies against myself. :)

I live in San Francisco with my awesome wife Adria who works at a video CMS company called VidCaster as a front-end developer. I enjoy eating healthfully (mostly), staying physically active, playing Magic and coming up with innovative product ideas to disrupt markets and change the world.

What I Write About

Philosopher at heart (and by education), I explore a range of topics notably crowdsourcing, business, marketing, sales, products, ethics, and the occasional tangential story on life in general.

Speaking and Consulting

I am currently available to speak and consult on crowdsourcing, gamificaiton, entrepreneurship and product design. You can contact me by email to contact.me[at]jamesdipadua.com.

Disclaimer: the opinions expressed on this site are those of the author only unless cited otherwise.

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