@Power9Pro — June 2008 – Present

Power9Pro is a small company I started in 2008 to provide better options to CCG players. The Dragon’s Eggs and N-Dexers have both been very well-received by the Magic: the Gathering community which is where Power9Pro focused it’s marketing. I’m an avid Magic player. ;-)

All the products by Power9Pro were designed, launched and managed by me.(Website built by my supportive wife Adria Mooney.)

  • Magpie — Magpie is a SaaS tool for monitoring and managing Magic: the Gathering card prices. There are subscription options for players and small businesses.
  • The Dragon’s Eggs — The Dragon’s Eggs are small bags designed to carry four 60 Card + Sideboard decks. The durable inner plastic shell protects the valuable cards, and the pockets provide extra carrying space.
  • The SideKit — Released November, 2013, the Sidekit includes a dicebag and a custom-designed strap for attaching playmats. May be used with the Dragon’s Egg or any backpack.
  • N-Dexers — The producers of Magic: the Gathering, Wizards of the Coast, create hundreds of new cards for Magic every year, so keeping cards organized and accessible is a major on-going challenge for players. The N-Dexers allow players to organize their cards according to a system they prefer and are designed to fit in all industry standard boxes.

@Servio/Cloudcrowd — Nov 2009 – July 2012

Servio is a crowdsourcing company that provides a wide range of online labor services (e.g. content writing/editing and data categorization).

CloudCrowd — CloudCrowd is Servio’s labor platform. Aside from administration pages, all work conducted for Servio occurs on CloudCrowd.

I’ve helped design workflows from simple editing projects to writing structured documents (with parallelized section-writing! very cool), to creating sentence maps between translated documents.

I had the distinct pleasure of getting to make large contributions to the inner-mechanics of CloudCrowd workflows as well as UX/UI for its distributed workforce of over 150,000 people—and it really is very cool.

My product initiative dejour is an experiment with integrating CloudCrowd deeper into social networks. Early results look promising but we’re keeping it on the DL for now. I’ll have more details around early May, 2012.)

Fun Experiments — On-Going

  • Nomic Game — In my version of the Nomic Game, people will help determine consensus on ideas. It’s currently being built now (by moi) but you can learn all about the project here.

Early Web Projects — 2005 – 2008

I did a few mini-experiments starting around 2005/2006. These were fun ways of exploring how to design/build sites (UX/development) and prioritize features. Good lessons for sure.

  • allupinyo.biz — My wife and I were curious about how people get the jobs they have. We wanted to create a site that would help provide insight into what companies are looking for when hiring. I think I could say it was an early “crowdsourcing project” for helping people to get jobs, to decide on career paths or to be just plain nosey. After we built the site, we realized we weren’t really motivated to be in this business. Nonetheless, we were happy with the experience it provided us. :)
  • WornIt — This was a project to help people find and trade clothing they like with people who are the same size and have similar tastes by sharing photos, creating trades, ‘following’ people, etc. I wish I knew about the Lean Startup concept in 2005 because we would have launched Wornit, bugs and all. My contribution was site and service design. I also helped prioritize features. Unfortunately, our budget ran out and we “had no product.” Still a good idea if you ask me. ;-)
  • links2.tv — Back in 2006 the UIs for major online video sites were horrible. I just need a simple site that I could go to and find the exact show I wanted to see. This was the first site I built using PHP, MySQL (for the forms to add/edit/delete sites). I honestly chuckle a bit at links2.tv. It only took a day to build, it looks like someone slapped it all together but it sure was useful. It served its function for the time. I’m happy to say that Hulu and general improvements with online video have made the site obsolete.